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Accommodation agreement clause, rule 宿泊約款・規則

宿泊約款・規則 Accommodation agreement

To secure publicity and the safety of our hotel To a visitor of the use based on accomodation clause Article 10 Please look after the following rule

利用規則 Use rule

1. お客様に快適にご利用いただくため、12歳以下のお客様のご利用をご遠慮いただいております。ご理解を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。
I have you refrain from the use of the visitor 12 years or younger
2. 指定以外での喫煙はなさらないこと。 カプセルベッド内での喫煙は固くお断りしております。
I do not do the smoking except the designation place
I decline the smoking in the capsule bed firmly
3. 廊下及び宿泊施設内に次のようなものを持ち込まぬこと。
Not bringing the following thing into a corridor and the accommodations
(イ)動物、鳥類 Animal, birds not being crowded
(ロ)悪臭を発するものI give off a bad smell
(ハ)発火あるいは引火しやすい危険物 Ignition or flammable dangerous materials
(ニ) 鉄砲、刀剣類 Gun, swords
4. 賭博及び風紀を乱し、他人に迷惑をかけるような行為をしないこと。
Disturb gambling and public morals and do not do an act troubling another person
5. ベットスペースへの飲食物の持ち込み、無断撮影他、宿泊施設を宿泊以外の目的に使用しないこと。
Do not use a carry-on of food and drink, the photography, etc., accommodations without permission for a purpose except the staying
6. 外来者を宿泊施設内に招き入れ、宿泊施設内の諸設備、諸物品などを使用させないこと。
Do not invite a stranger in the accommodations and do not let them use
7. 宿泊施設内の諸設備、諸物品を他の場所へ移動したり、あるいは加工したりして現状を変更しないこと。
Don't move the facilities in the accommodations, articles to other places and process it and do not change it
8. 廊下やロビー等に所持品を放置しないこと。
Do not leave personal effects in a corridor or the lobby
9. 会計は前金でお願いいたしておりますが、ご出発の際、またはフロントより 「ご利用になった付帯施設利用料金」あるいは「延長料金」の提示がございましたら、その都度お支払いください。
Accounts are deposit and ask, but please pay it when there are in the case of departure or the incidental facilities charge that you used from the front desk, the presentation of the extension rate
10. ご滞在中の現金、【貴重品の管理】はお客様の自己管理となっております。
Cash staying, the management of valuables become the self-administration of the visitor. Cannot take responsibility about the loss or theft of valuables at all; thank you for your understanding
11. お預かり物やお忘れ物の保管は、ご出発後1カ月とさせていただきます。
The storage of a custody thing and the thing left behind should be one month after departure
12. 暴力団及び暴力団員並びに公共の秩序に反するおそれのある場合について。
About the case that might be against a gang and a gangster and public order

1.「暴力団員による不当な行為の防止等に関する法律Law about the prevention of the unfair act by the gangster

(平成4年3月1日施行The March 1, 1992 enforcement)による 指定暴力団及び指定暴力団員等の当ホテルの利用はご遠慮いただきます。Please refrain from the use of our hotels such as a designated gang and the designated gangster(ご予約後、あるいはご利用中にその事実が判明した場合には、その時点でご利用をお断りいたします。When the fact becomes clear during after a reservation or the use, decline the use at that point)

2.反社会団体及び反社会団体員Member of anti-society group and anti-society group(暴力団及び過激行動団体など並びにその構成員Including a gang and the radical action group and the member)の当ホテル利用はご遠慮いただきます。Please refrain from this hotel use(ご予約後、あるいはご利用中にその事実が判明した場合には、その時点でご利用をお断りいたします。When the fact becomes clear during after a reservation or the use, decline the use at that point)

3.暴力、脅迫、恐喝、威圧的な不当要求及びこれに類する行為が 認められる場合、直ちに当ホテルの利用はご遠慮いただきます。When violence, a threat, blackmail, a coercive injustice demand and an act to be similar to this are accepted, please refrain from the use of our hotel promptly 又、かつて、同様な行為をされた方についてもご遠慮いただきます。In addition, please decline about the one where was ever made a similar act

4.当ホテルを利用する方が心身耗弱、薬品、飲酒による自己喪失 など、ご自身の安全確保が困難であり、他のお客様に危険や恐怖感、不安感を及ぼす恐れがあると認められるときは、直ちにご利用をお断りいたします。When a medicine, ensuring safety of oneself including the missing self by the drinking are difficult, and it is admitted that might give danger and a sense of fear, jitters to other

5.館内及び客室内で大声、放歌及び喧騒な行為その他で他者に嫌悪感を与えたり、迷惑を 及ぼしたり、又、賭博や公序良俗に反する行為のあった場合には、直ちにご利用をお断り致します。Of the act to give others loathsomeness in act and others that is a loud voice, a singing voice and the noise in in the hall and a guest room, and to give a nuisance, and, also, to be against gambling and public order and morals when there is it, decline the use promptly

When there is the act to be similar to each other matters mentioned above, decline the use

宿泊約款 Accomodation clause

(本約款の適用範囲)Coverage of this article
第1条 Article 1

The staying contract that our hotel concludes between a hotel guest and the contract in conjunction with this shall depend on the place to establish of this article and, about the matter which is not established in this article, shall depend on laws and ordinances or the custom that generally was established

When accepted a special contract as far as our hotel is not against laws and ordinances and custom, regardless of the rule of the foregoing paragraph, the special contract shall take first priority

(宿泊引受の拒絶)Refusal of the staying undertaking
第2条 Article 2

In the case of next, our hotel may decline undertaking of the staying.

When an application for staying does not depend on this article.
When it has no room for the accommodations by the No vacancy
宿泊しようとする者が、宿泊に関し、法令の規定 又は公の秩序若しくは善良な風俗に反する行為をするおそれがあると認められるとき。
When it is admitted that the person who is going to stay might do an act against the rule of laws and ordinances or public order or good manners and customs about staying
The one that is recognized as drug poisoning
It applies in one considered to correspond to a use rule, the twelfth
When it is admitted that the person who is going to stay is Skin disease or an epidemic clearly
When, about staying, money and a special burden were found
When we cannot let you stay by a natural disaster, the trouble of facilities and other unavoidable reasons
宿泊しようとする者が、泥酔者等で、他の宿泊者に著しく迷惑を及ぼすおそれがあると 認められるとき
When it is admitted that the person who is going to stay might give a nuisance to other guests in inebriates remarkably.
Or when a guest did an act to give a nuisance to other guests remarkably

(氏名等の告知)Notices such as full names
第3条 Article 3

When the staying ahead of accommodation date takes an application, our hotel establishes a time limit and, for the applicant of the room reservation, may demand the notice of the next matter

Address, full name, age, sex, occupation, phone number of the hotel guest
The matter which admitted that our other hotels were necessary

第4条 Article 4

When we take the application for room reservation, we receive the front, and our hotel may demand payment

When we correspond when the next article determines it, the deposit of the foregoing paragraph allots it to the cancelation cost of the article and returns it if there is the remainder

(予約の解除)Cancellation of the reservation
第5条 Article 5

When we the applicant of the room reservation canceled all or a part of the room reservation, our hotel charges cancelation cost by a cancelation cost remarking tray rule to determine particularly


[フロア貸切(日本語理解できる方が宿泊代表)] ※ AirbnbはAirbnbのキャンセルポリシーに従うものとする。


Day in response to notice of the contract cancellation
Two days ago Cancellation rate 30%
One day ago Cancellation rate 50%
on that day Cancellation rate 80%
Non-night Cancellation rate 100%

When a hotel guest does not inform use of our hotel, and it is at 23:00 of the day on accommodation date, consider it that the room reservation was canceled and may process it

第6条 Article 6

We remove a case to determine elsewhere, and, in the case of next, our hotel can remove a room reservation

When we would correspond to Article no,2
When we demand that I clarify a matter of Article 3, by a time limit, those matters are not clarified
When we demand the payment of the deposit of Article 4
When there is no payment by the deadline
When I canceled a room reservation by the rule of the foregoing paragraph, we return the deposit which we already collected

(宿泊の登録)Registration of the staying
第7条 Article 7

The hotel guest, please register the next matter on the day in the front desk on accommodation date (ネット予約客以外 Except Netuser)

In a foreigner, it is a stay place in passport number, Japan in land and the landing date, a pre-night.
The matter which admitted that our other hotels were necessary
出発日及び時刻 The departure date and the time
(チェックアウトタイム)Check-out time

第8条 Article 8

Check out time is at 12 am
If you want to stay longer than this time ,Additional charges will be incurred

(料金の支払い)Payment of the rate
第9条 Article 9

Payment of fee must be paid by cash or credit card
If you do not stay overnight after starting to use accommodation facilities, room charge will be charged.

(利用規則の厳守)Strict observance of the use rule
第10条 Article 10

The hotel guest, please obey the use rule that our hotel established

(宿泊継続の拒絶)Refusal of the staying continuation
第11条 Article 11

In the following cases, we may refuse to continue staying during staying hotel reserved
When you would correspond to Article 2
When you do not comply with the use provisions of the preceding Article

(宿泊の責任)Responsibility of the staying
第12条 Article 12

Responsibility for accommodation of the hotel begins when registering the accommodation at the reception desk or when entering the accommodation, whichever comes first, and ends when the guest opens the accommodation for departure

第13条 Article 13

The hotel shall not be held responsible even if the guests suffer damage due to fire, fighting or the like, if the damage is not caused by reasons attributable to the hotel's responsibility leave

第14条 Article 14

We will claim the amount equivalent to the actual expenses if damage to the facilities and fixtures of the hotel occurs due to the customer's responsibility.

第15条 Article 15

Please be sure to check the location of the emergency staircase in case of emergency.

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